09 octobre 2007

Singapore History X

        Nothing much has been happening, I'm happilly preparing my Chinese midterm exam on thursday. Yesterday however, for the first time since I've been here, I witnessed Singaporean racial hatred in a surprising way. I didn't expect it since Singapore is well known for being a functioning multi-ethnical society; moreover, NUS seemed like the most likely place to witness this.
    Anyways I went to the toilet in the middle of the afternoon, closed the door, and turned around. This is what I saw :


            "Fucking Malays : My point now here is : Get the fuck out of NUS and Singapore. You PIGS have not enough standards, potentials, capabilities, qualities and what it takes to study here. Mind u that your gardes are fucking low & can never compete with our top student! Conclusion : The chinese are always the top, the best when it comes to academic & work fields! Understood ?? Thanks..."

I thought it might be some sort of experiment from a psychology student who wants to test our reactions; but it most likely is sincere. I sure hope the cleaning staff quickly takes care of it.

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  • Gosh... is this in NUS!?!? Singaporeans can be so freakin' racist!!!!This is certainly one of the extremes I have ever seen... omg omg!! so, all the "multi-racial harmony" propaganda might just be some superficial stuff... that's sad

    Posté par Ran, 10 octobre 2007 à 00:33 | | Répondre
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