26 août 2007

Angry White Pyjamas

I feel I should write something explaining why I’ve chosen to practise Aikido. The credit mostly goes to Bert for passing me “angry white pyjamas”, the book by Robert Twigger. The book tells the tale of his time in Japan, aimlessly drifting from one useless job to another. With incentive from his room-mates he one day decides to practise a martial to discipline himself and chooses Aikido. He rapidly becomes obsessed with budo mentality and technique, and decides the only way he can truly experience aikido is if he signs... [Lire la suite]
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25 août 2007

The Watcher

      "Oh funny shtory" as Morten would say. I checked out where my blog was being accessed from. And apparently, some perverts do so by searching "video sex" on canalblog.  Here, take a look : Then I tested the search, and my blog is ranked third amongst the "video sex" links ! not bad...
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25 août 2007

Kinder Surprise

    Les apparences sont parfois trompeuses. Voici un des cadeaux qui nous ont été offerts à Run NUS. J'ai trouvé l'idée très ingénieuse, pour promouvoir une crème solaire.
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24 août 2007


这是我的中文练习: 我要写一些事儿放着我的博客。但是不知道想写什么。想法都什么没有。好,为了没有别的办法我要告诉你们我最近干什么 。礼拜一没有课。我去ICA拿我的 student pass,可是我忘了我的票所以我要等很久,最后 (两个小时以后) 他们找到我的student pass。真麻烦。 别的日我只取大学学习。我也去aikido。。。太苦了。 我试图忘我的女朋友,但是太难,总是想着她啊。我真的很可怜,希望她一样想着我。 用电话跟他有联系又很奇怪的感觉,因此我决定我只要写信。 Blerk,我的中文很坏。停止打吧 !
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23 août 2007

School of Rock

You want me to teach you something? What? You want to learn something? Alright, here's a useful lesson: Give up! Just quit! Because in this life you can't win. Yeah, you can try, but in the end your just gonna loose, BIG TIME! Because the world is run by the man! The man. Oh, you don't know the man? The man's everywhere: in the White House, down the hall, Mr Leone; he's the man! And the man ruined the ozone, and he's burning down the Amazon and he kidnapped Shamu and put her in a chlorine tank! Okay! And there used to be a... [Lire la suite]
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21 août 2007

Training day

       As usual I'm dead tired. Friday, dinner at Indochine, then a jazz bar, we said goodbye to Florence. I said goodbye. Got back at 3 am. Saturday. did I do anything? I pondered, I woke up at 7 am and and went to an event called "run nus". We were supposed to run around the campus. I went with Loïc, Morten was finishing the 10 km race when we arrived. Then rain poored down on us, so we didn't run. We just got our free t-shirts and won prizes. Loïc won a jacket for eating a piece of bread in 18 seconds.... [Lire la suite]
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21 août 2007

La télé des singapouriens.

Un simple reportage qui en dit long : La télé des singapouriensUploaded by wanzea
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21 août 2007

现在是鬼月吧 !!!

Last Sunday the seventh month of the Chinese lunar calendar began. It is traditionally called the ghost month (鬼月), because at this time the undead come out from the lower earth to visit us. Many rituals and celebrations are held during this month. For instance, decorations have been set up in many market places, including the one next door to us, with offerings of food for the dead, prayers, banners, incence, you name it.        This Sunday will mark the middle of the ghost month, and typically this... [Lire la suite]
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19 août 2007

10 Things I Hate About You

As I go through how much fun I’m having here in Singapore, it seems only fair to mention all the things I hate about it. The first thing that I hate is that this post may be censored if it ends up being "too radical" for some government censor's tastes. So I’ll submit myself to clean constructive criticism only, nothing political, and no individuals or communities shall be aimed in particular. Here goes : 1 : Regarding western culture, the fact that they play Mariah Carey and Whitney Houston seriously on the radio, that... [Lire la suite]
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18 août 2007

The MRT files

MRT in Singapore stands for "Mass Rapid transit". No one has a clue what that means though. In Taiwan it stands for "Mass Rail Transit", which a little more sense. God only knows why they couldn't call it a metro or underground just like everywhere else. It is illegal to eat, drink, transport durians, spit and smoke in the MRT, with fines ranging from 500 $ to 10000 $.  We use this means of transport all the time,  it  is slow and boring but sometimes when we're lucky enough we come accross a mighty... [Lire la suite]
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