03 août 2007

fear and loathing in S'pore

The plane. Tired. Thank god I slept on the plane. I usually have to elbow-wrestle my neighbour for my fair share of the armrest, but this time a 3 year old kid sat next to me. After 15 minutes of flight he bundled up in his blanket and slept until we arrived. Exceptionnally the air-hostess did not harass me for my age before handing me an alcoholic drink... good things do happen.The movies and food were exactly the same as those offered on the rio-paris flight we took last month. The menu, which they seem to serve on every... [Lire la suite]
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30 juillet 2007

god bless google maps

Let me explain : all those little blue knob thingies are places I contacted for accomodation. The one in red is the boon lay student hostel, where I have been granted a non air-conditioned room, which I will be sharing. According to the NUS students, it's actually quite nice. We'll know tomorrow. The red patch is NUS, where I'll be studying. It may seem small but the bus ride from the hostel to the university actually takes more than 30 minutes (oh how I suffer).
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30 juillet 2007

john rambo Vs Stamford Raffles

Pushed by my friends and by necessity, I have finally decided to create a friendly little travel blog. Mostly I hope I'll update this page often enough and write with sufficient glee to make opening this page worth your while. At best, it'll allow you to journey by my side, and give you guys a fresh and fun insight on the curious world of singaporeans. I dedicate  this page to all my friends and family around the globe. English appears as the best choice of language for everyone to understand. I'll switch to french once in a... [Lire la suite]
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